Class Inquiries

Students w/ any degree of experience may apply, including absolute beginners. Classes are sufficiently small, so that every student gets one-on-one critique and assistance. If you want to inquire about classes, please fill out the following questionnaire, including as much detail about your painting experience as you are willing to share.

Step 1 - Referring Source 

If you don’t mind, can you be specific, e.g. provide the name of the social media, friend or website?

Step 2 - Experience Level 

Please indicate your painting experience level.
Please describe your painting history, e.g. number of years painting, classes that you’ve taken, previous instructors, etc.

Step 3 - Work Example 

You can upload an image of previous work here. This is not a requirement, but it can be helpful for me to see what your work looks like, and what your stage of artistic development is.
Select a file please
Any special comments for the instructor?

Step 4 - Contact and Other Info 

Choose the date range you would like to attend classes: